A double deception

So the Punk is stuck as Princess Elizabeth – the inner court of nobles think she is a boy on the brink of becoming a man – so she is stuck pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman! And on top of that she doesn’t age! Three people know her truelly and they are Henry Carey and his sister Catherine and the real Elizabeth’s nurse maid.

The Punk has to think about how a man would masquarade as a woman – especially if his life depended upon it! The inner court of nobles are helpful with this aspect at least and it results in the fancy ridged dresses and the like. However there is the issue of stubble and not aging – to get round this Elizabeth a.k.a the Punk pretends to get small pox which scars her face so badly that it becomes fashionable to powder you face – the nobles think this is to help cover the stubble but its to hide its lack and her agelessness.

She also does basically stage makeup which is a bit dicey due to witchcraft laws of the time!

When she becomes monarch she brings Henry Carey and his sister to court and they are her closest confidonts – of course the inner court of nobles think that Henry is a possible half blood imposter who was sired possibly even by King Henry but to a maid girl – they would not have counted such a youth as being the Kings son but it would allow him to become a noble man especially if it got them out of a sticky wicket!

Of course as she ‘ages’ she has to pretend to be covering up male patten balledness! She simply starts shaving her hair off :/ A wig is made for her.

There is also the possibility that some of the sailor types she is so fond of get taken into her confidence becuase they are women dressed as men inorder to have adventure on the high seas – but I need to think about this one carefully!

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