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Chapter Eight cont…

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

And she had a trick with it, she had a small cord keyboard – a cylinder that fitted into her hand, most people used them these days and they were quick, so unbelievably quick compared to the old QWERTY they were also alot smaller and harder to damage. But she didn’t really need the keyboard […]

The count Down Begins

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I had the fun of turning up to a write in on Wednesday and being the only on there but this was fine as I was behind and I cuaght up I wrote 5000 words in a day – the next day I did 2000 and was once again ahead of where I should have […]

Chapter Eight

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The dream was all stark colours and glaring lights the smell of antisceptic stung her nasal passages and made her want to vomit. Others hung in the space around her and she saw their shapes forming and felt no fear at the dangling tendons and blobby organs sitting on glass. Warmth spread around her spiked […]

Chapter Seven

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

The dream was on her, she was burning, the fire blistering her skin, baking her bones and boiling the marrow, she screamed and writhed but there was no let up cedar burned smokeless. To purify the soul you had to burn not suffocate. The heat made her sick. The jerring sounds and the priests intonning […]

Chapter Seven – A Plan

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Beginning: Settles into the monestry Middle: Late spring Snow End: Her and Matthew finially end up in a romantic relationship

Chapter Six – end

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

The Nurse showed her to a waiting area and pointed out the vending machines – She vended a black coffee and sat down, she would wait until he came – out new lungs were still tricky. They’d asked her who his next of kin was she had shrugged and said she didn’t know then they’d […]

A Technical Mess

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Ok so from my outlining I have realised that the Tower of Babel is actually some sort of super computer probably with AI capabilities – maybe even some cybernetics and I think nueral networks will definatly have to make an appearance. But I need the essence of this giant information system that has global reach […]

Chapter Six cont…

Friday, November 20th, 2009

‘Can I see them?’ she asked. The Nurse brightened he even smiled at her, it was a soft gently smile and sad at the edges but it warmed her. ‘Of course you can, though Immanual is a bit of a mess I must warn you,’ he lead her out of the room and away from […]

Chapter Six

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

The dream was a pit, a large deep pit with steep sides, she was down the bottom of it. There were names for such places, places they put you to forget you existed. Darkness pressed in on her, vague shapes and the feel of old spongue bone rotting benieth her leathered shoes. Ooglyette. She was […]

Chapter Six – A plan

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Beggining: waking up in a hospital unit Middle: issues over unusual biology End: finding out the state of Bodge and Snake