The Punks Likes

These are my answers for The Punk to EelKat’s Profile Survey #4: Likes.

The Punk likes to eat sea food – preferably things like shell fish and prawns with sea weed or dark green/red leaf salads so stuff like rocket. Drink wise she likes crisp burnt sugar tasting beers.

Favourite movie has to be Tank Girl, though she quiet likes Aeon Flux and Underworld, Alien and Rebecca. She tries not to think what this says about her.

Her favourite place to visit would be the sea, a swim amongst a coral reef but unfortunatly they have all been killed and the sea is pretty toxic.

The punk loves House and Lexx again she’s not entirely sure what this says about her – she used to like Euro-trash and FX but not so much anymore.

The Punk loves passion fruit but the reasons for this are unclear to her – as much as she likes the sweet, cloying after taste that coats her mouth – the like has more to do with a topical association and goes for alot of the tropical fruits like Mango.

Her favourite vegetable is salsify as its root has a vaguely shell fish taste to it – infact it is even nicknamed the Oyster Root.

Sweet wise the punk likes just about anything but bizarlly her skin seems to object if it contains certain food colourings. If she had to choose then the nicely browned outsides of toasted marshmellows would win.

Favourite Pizza topping of course would be anchovies! Their oily saltyness hits the spot in a way little else does.

The Punk doesn’t really do favourite colours, she has been alive so long that she just goes through phases – however she does tend to go for lustres on objects. This may have something to do with the evolution of the Aquatic Apes of which she is a human hybrid. The metallic, irridescant and generally glittery things she collects like a magpie – the fact that they look like the outside of tropic shells on a beach may have more significance than she realises.

Her favourite book is The Eight mainly because it involves the elixer of life and life extention of someone she can identify with. She likes the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice too but the sexless nature of the vampires looses her slightly.

The Punk desperatly wants children, she has always wanted them but can not concieve having an iffy number of chromasones. She doesn’t think child birth looks much fun but it is still the one thing she longs the most to experience.

Good friends make her happy and her favourite person is generally some lanky guy who gets far too interested in specific off the beaten track things.

If the punk had to choose between chocolate cake and an apple pie she would probably choose the apple pie as the sugar hit is spread out more and she doesn’t feel so sleepy afterwards plus she gets to have custard on the apple pie!

If there is ever time the Punk reads and a huge mix of stuff – obviously she existed before humans had learnt or really forgotten how to write. She loves tech manuals and hard scifi occacionally if she is single for any length of time and thinks no one is likely to visit her room she may devour paranormal romance.

How can you prize one type of love above another? A different type of love can not be directly measured against another – companionship is key to the Punk though and without it she feels lost and weak.

The last thing the Punk could imagine giving away would be a child.

With the choice of boots or slippers the Punk would always pick boots – even her slipper look like boots – they are just more stylish and she loves boots OK?

Her favourite type of weather is a typhoon.

The Punk has been alive so long she has a lot of skills though she wishes she knew more about well everything.

Boxers or Briefs? This depends on the situation surely? And whose they are that she’s wearing!

Of course the Punks Pink Still Suit is the coolest item of clothing she has ever owned – come on it looks good, and can keep you alive for a month in the desert!

Suping her bike is one of the things the Punk loves doing in spare time the other favourites would probably all involve at least one other person and a censor!

An ideal date for the punk would be sea food and beer with a fire on a beach of old earth watching dophines jump across a sky studded with stars. Or these days a rock concert with some pounding tunes will do.

Her life and the lives of those she loves and even of those she has never met before are the most precoiuse things to the Punk.

Her favourite season is summer as it is actually warm!

She would love to learn more about the society that birthed her and its rise and downfall.

If she could pick a super power it would probably by flight.

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