The Punks Dislikes

This one isn’t actually from EelKat but I took the concept of it from there :)

The Punk dislikes not being able to bath properlly as her skin becomes very itchy and is prone to flaking and the like, this is due to her unusual metabolism – she isn’t perfect she was after all an experiment and her biochemistry just produces too much skin and too much highly yummy microbe food called grease!

Apart from that it tends to be arogant business people and being burnt alive, child killers feature high in her dislikes and she makes it her mission to show them exactly how upset she is.

Supression of the masses tends to upset too but not as much as supression of her self does!

Guys leaving to have kids with other women also tends to upset her along with the feeling that she shouldn’t exists. Another thing that upsets her is that the fact that there is a conspiracy to kill her and wipe out her type which is sometimes mixed with those who wish to wipeout the humans. She has more emamys than the human race though which is impressive.

Posted: Thursday, April 15th, 2010 @ 12:24 pm
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