The Punk and What She Looks Like

Again I did one of EelKats questionaires and this was the result for the Punk :)

The Punk has a sort of physical frame which is a sort of slight stocky depending how much muscle tone she has built onto it. After times of hardship she can look very thin and fragile, elfling type – this can take decades to loose. When she has enough food/good nutrition (which are not the same) she starts to look abit like Ace out of Dr Who.

She has full lips and can be femanine but can present herself as a juvinile boy also. Hi cheek bones, slightly strong jaw which becomes more pronounced when fed well. Her skin tone completely depends on where she is as she produces melonine on demand. The colour of her eyes can change too depending on environment. Same goes for hair though it does tend to lurk around the dark brown area bleaching to blonde in the sun and a red if bleached on perpose.

If she is in a dark cold environment for any length of time her hair will darken these changing traits do however take years to occure.

Height wise she has spent alot of history being quiet tall for a woman and even sometimes tall for a man but in modern times she is the shorter side of average.

She is the sort of person with a cheeky grin and a vague cupidness about her facial features. Obviously in the future her hair is vivid Magenta and spends most of it’s time in a Mawhawk.

The Punk has obviously has to spend a lot of time blending in but when there have been pockets of alternative personalities that has been were to find her ie the Betniks, bohemians, hippys, rockers, punks, new age romantics, goths, emos…

The punk moves quiet confidently – this has always lead to problems with pretending to be a prisoner or slave for a subtifuge.

Age wise she could be anything from a teenager to a 30 year old and has found that alot of it is peoples preceptions on who you act and dress

Through the years she has has tattoos and piercings but that have always grown out eventually just like the scars and injuries from accidents.

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