Henry Carey

From my research I found that Mary Boleyn did indeed have an affair with King Henry and that some historians think that her two eldest may have been his – unlike the film though she had a daughter first called Catherine. Then she had Henry (called Henry interestingly enough!) and around the time he was born they broke off the affair.

Now this does seem to be a bit of a controversal issue as King Henry was desperate for a son and does not openly declare Mary’s child as his. Now some think this is due to legal stuff involving his annulment with Catherine his first Queen on the grounds that she had been Married to his brother and therefore under the law they could not be married as it sort of made her his sister – to admitt his fiances nice and nephew were his would have created the same sort of tie between him and Anne. (This last bit is me supposing things from what I’ve read by the way!).

The other thing is there was a recognised son called Henry (what a suprise) Fitzroy – the surname was made up – it literally means son of the King. He was given lots of stuff and titles to ligitamise him more and the King put things inplace that ment he may have been crowned instead of Mary – Henry’s duaghter.

But he died around the time Anne was beheaded – he was 17 – some thought that Anne had given him a slow poison but this seems to have been part of a plot against her! Though married I can’t find anything about him having fathered any kids – he was married to a relative of Anne!

Some historians say it was a lung complaint probably TB similar to the consumption that killed Henry’s one legit son Edward. But I did find that some believed at the time if not now that he was the victim of a Catholic plot as Mary Tudor was a Catholic and it was she they wished to rule!

Now if I was Henry and my son had been killed of or even just suspected of dying in suspicous circumstances I would think twice about announcing loudly that little Henry was also my son – I’d make sure that the inner trusted advisors knew and leave it at that – I would then further distance myself from the family whilst providing for him. If the plots were already a foot before one succeeded I would have gotten my new wife and the childs aunt to look after his well fair – Oh look she did!

Queen Elizabeth then took great pains in installing her cousins in court when she came to power – this is fantastic news for me – I can make it that the Punk is friends with the children and when the young Elizabeth dies the inner group of nobles wants the illigitamate son to be on the throne with thoughts of reveiling it later on – there can have been some attempts on his life etc… The punk is supposed to dress up and replace him but he convinces her to swap with him!

She doesn’t name his family as successor for two reasons – one she wants England and Scotland to be at peace and secondly she fears that if it is discovered after her death that she was not a man pretending to be a woman his family would be in danger from conspirators etc…

Now my only problem is Little Henry lived in Essex or at least thats where his mothers estate was!





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