Rewriting Elizabethan England

So this is what I have so far for the Elizabethan part of my story and I think I am actually starting to amass a plot!

King Henry is in fear that he will not leave a male heir and so turns to the old concept of Bastard sons – this was a tradition ranging back to William the conquorer! He fathered Henry Fitzroy who he was priming to be King. Later on around the time the a second Bastard son was born Henry Carey (Elizabeth’s half brother and cousin!) and his sister Catherine who was also suppected to be Henry’s – plots began from the Catholics who wished to have Mary Tudor a Catholic on the thrown to reclaim England in the Holy Empire – rather than Henry Fitzroy who had been raised protistant.

In fear of little Henry’s life the King does not proclaim him and goes to great lengths to ignore his issue to ensure their saftey whilst getting his then wife and the childrens aunt (Anne) to become their ward! Thus ensuring their educatiion and saftey – he made sure the inner court and therefore his most trusted know about little Henry.

Henry Fitzroy is then assasinated at the age of 17 as part of a plot.

Not long afterwards the Black Death strikes and the Princess Elizabeth is evacuated to Overcourt near Bisley – this happens to be where Little Henry is living as he is being educated at a local Monistry.

The Punk is either residing at the court or the Monkery! and befriends the children. About six months after the Princesses arrival the Bubonic plague arrives in Gloucestershire and the Princess sickens and dies.

King Henry is becoming more unpredictable so those incharge of the princess don’t tell him she’s died – after all the King isn’t interested in her – But a few years later he wants to visit her and obviously she’s not there – the inner lords and advisors of the King know the Princess is Dead and think of it as the perfect way of getting the young Bastard prince onto the throne without fuss and danger.

But the young Prince doesn’t want to and the Punk is ‘found’ as a girl substitute but the Lords don’t want non royal blood so insist on the young Henry. The teenagers as they would have been by this point talk with the Punk and they come up with an idea and the Punk pretends to be Henry and is dressed as the Princess!

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