The Escape

Ok so I know how The Punk becomes and survives being Queen Elizabeth the First of England but how do I get around the fact she has to die and be laid out etc…

Well with some help from the Careys and a few others she manages to make a plaster bust/ hands etc… of herself and decorate them so they are realistic looking – Queen Elizabeth is renouwned for having said that no one was allowed to touch her body after she had died – so I think this deception could work – but how does the Punk then get out of the palace?

Well really she still looks like a teenager – so she starts way before she wants to ‘die’ appearing as one of her own servants or ladies in waiting or something. Then when the Queen ‘dies’ she can simple leave the palace looking like herself!

Carey does not become King afterwards nor any of his family as the UK needs to form to maintain peace basically and though Elizabeth doesn’t state who she wants to be heir – the King of Scottland is the obvious choice!

Posted: Thursday, October 29th, 2009 @ 10:29 am
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