Girl Boy Girl?

Having talked to various people about The Punk in Pink being the boy who ends up as Queen Elizabeth I – I have hit upon the idea that the young boy who is turned into a princess is in fact a girl who is dressed as a boy to avoid unwanted attention and to be able to travel more freely.

This does smack of some of Shakespares stories which is an intreging prospect as I believe he met the Queen which could be roped into the story!

This of course leaves the problem of how the intervening centeries are delt with. I don’t really want to add in time travel at all to be honest.

I also have to decide how much of the story will be based in Elizabethan times and how much in other time periods – do I do the flash back thing or have a continous time line?

It is I think going to take some research!

Suggestions welcome :)

Posted: Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 @ 8:50 am
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