Love Eternal

I wither inside everytime I see the bueaty that was him – its there is a thousand faces – ever generation he is there – in personality, in body motion, in face and yet none are him.

I look, befriend and cherish each I find but none are a perminate salve to the wound he left – those centries ago in desert heat. But time for such as he is so short, so quick I find them and they fade as remain the same. I do age but not like them. So fast you can almost see it happening and yet I can not forget him nor do I learn always picking up the next one and holding him close for a handful of years.

I love each – none of them are ever exact and each serse my heart and kills me a bit more until one day maybe I will be unable to love. Oh they love me but often when the apparent age gap is too wide they leave, no children yet for them, they need the saccour of fathering a child, to know they have made themselves as immortal as any human can get. I can not give them this and so they leave saying sweet things and longing to be youth personified once more – this is what they think I am.

But I am old, I feel it within me and I dispise what I am and yet I would not change it for death and I can die – that threat is always there, always lurking and squirming in my mind.

I have seen this culture grown, seen its seeds planted Millenia past and watched the distortions of religon and the change of lexicon. I know many things and I think I am basically human – maybe more so than those who are so genetically pure and to make me rentch – they can not know their origin – bred for specifics, to be slaves to the race they thought they were and as I saw the bodies piled high I could not but think of human origin and those of the Arian Elves of the Hatred of impurity that lead to annilation and almost the destruction of the world. Of the gene codes stripped naked and devoid of varience that lead to the death knell of a species already steeped in blood as they washed away their genetic cousins in war.

They bred humans – slave stock to ease the toil of the gods, Adam and Eve where there in vats and the rest flowed from those broken primates the Arian held prisoner.

I myself? I life longer than those Elfen hordes and have loved one of them with my own accord but the Arian champians seek purity still and whiped out my home, my loving family of a kind most humans would run screaming from. Their dark eyes designed to see under water like the seal and sealion, hands, feet webs and grey speckeled porpoise skin. These were my family, bred in a lab half them half human – random collection of genes – I look human, but I am a part of them and I am something else too. They sort out other ways of survivial and so they sort to stretch the lifetime of their dwindling race – I live a magnitude longer than them, as they live a magnitude longer than the humans. I age but so slowely.

So unbearably slowely and all that I love I see crumble before me and I ache with it.

Posted: Friday, October 30th, 2009 @ 11:17 am
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