An age ago when my husband realised I was trying to write cyber-punk type stories he also realised I didn’t even know the genre existed and so endevoured to get me various cyber punk litrature.

One of these was William Gibson’s Neuromancer which is considered one of the leading novels of cyber-punk. It had me enthralled and I gobbled it up greedily – I started off struggling in the lexicon – the speak of the book being abreviated coporate/technical stuff – buzz words that have made it into the dictionary as it were ie the tend we see with e this and e that is our current society – add in some guns and rogue heroes who are striving for survial rather than from any militant honnor fever and you have a cracking novel, plunging into the dystopia that we could so easily become.

I liked it.

I think the style is a little too fast/cyber for my Punk but the general gritty feel is the same and some of the tech ideas and social interactions are fantastic!

It is definatly the sort of book I want to write.

Posted: Friday, December 25th, 2009 @ 9:12 am
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