Ok so I need the Punk in Pink to be in existence centeries apart without time travel – the options?

1) Vampire

2) Alien or old technologically advanced race that has cryo-suspension or something similar

3) Similar to 2) but is a concousness that downloads or uploads itself into new bodies

4) A demon

5) An Elf or Feary or something of that ilk

6) A witch that knows how to stay young

7) An accident with the fabled fountain of youth

8) Alien abduction

9) Portal from an ulternate world that is out of sync chronologically with this one – though this feels like time travel to me

10) Past lives or shared concousness or a mix of both

I’m sure there are many more but what I have decided to go with is the concept of there being more than one type of ‘Human’ on the planet. The Punk is a chimera of a long lived race who are the origin of elfish folklore and a human.

This means she looks more human than the other Homonids but ages slowely, she may or may not be fertile – I’m airing on the side of infertile due to a chromasome descrepancy. Chimeras do exist such as the Tigron (tiger and Lion), the zeedonk (zebra and donkey) and of corse the good old mule/ass (horse and donkey depending who was mum and who was dad).

I need to do some calculations for the aging processes and decide how the chimera came about – ie do I involve aliens or an Atlantian type cizalization or just some sort of ‘natural’ occurance?

Again feedback would be appreciated.

And thanks to EelKat, Dad and Alaric who have given me the most feedback and help with this getting steadily more complicated plot!

Posted: Sunday, September 27th, 2009 @ 8:10 am
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