So What Now?

With November drawing to a close and well over 50 K words of the novel written what are my plans? Will I keep going at a rate of 2-3 k a day?

I think actually no – I really do need to do a lot of research for these novels, there are things I have already put in that I am concerned about and before they end up so integral to the plot that I cna’t remove them – I need to check them out.

Of course this does mean I run the risk of derailing myself just 20, 000 words later than I normally do. I don’t think this will actually happen though – why not? The simple answer is NaNoWriMo next year. It wont official count as it wont be a new project but I will finish this novel next November.

A year seems like a long time but I have an awful lot of stuff to research plus there are other things I need to be doing. Also I’m not going to stop writing the novel I’m just going to slow the pace somewhat – 500 words a day so that I retain the taste of it in my mind – this will probably not be everyday and I’ll still release around 2000 words at a time.

I also haven’t yet read what I’ve done this year – it could be utterly awful but I love the overall story arch so there is at least something salvagable there. I also need to sort the wiki so I can keep track of things that occur and reduce my continuety errors. I also didn’t get time to do my character sketches – as in drawings of the characters – I still really want to do this.

I have lots of reviews of the films and books I have watched/read as research.

My chapter outlines need sorting too as I have diviated so heavily it is unbelievable! I am also still really excited about my story, about the Punk and her worlds, her history and her emotional development.

The story is also blantently not going to 150 k either – I think its going to be alot longer but am trying not to think of that as it would scare me and make the project just too big to contemplate!

So basically I am definatly going to continue blogging through December and hopefully the eight of you whop are following this will continue to do so :)

Thanks for sticking with me!

Posted: Monday, November 30th, 2009 @ 4:11 pm
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