The Atrocity Archives

Upon our bookshelves there are many books and a few of those I swore not too read when my husband said, ‘ooo that sounds like this book’ when refering to one of my story concepts. I fear that I will lose the concept I am actually trying to portray and end up just emulating. This was one of the reasons I have avoided Stross’s work as he seems to have covered the sort of things I am trying to write about.

However, I think that I am suffiencetly advanced in my writing that I can feel the shape of my story and the underlaying premise anyway and not be too swayed by what I see and read. Also The Punk in Pink though a reincarnation of a story I’ve been working on since 15 was basically concieved for NaNoWriMo and I have specifically set myself the goal of reading everything that could even remotely be related in style, concept of even time periods!

Now I have too say The Atrocity Archives is a bit of a wild card here – it has nothing really in common with the Punk’s story unlike some of Stross’s other books I have lined up to read. It doesn’t even really come under the ‘cyber-punk’ heading. But my husband was right when he said it would be good for me to read it.

Oh and it does actually have one very strong thing in common with the Punk and that is the presance of Geeks as being fundimental to the story. I suppose all the strange occult rituals too though… I’m starting to split hairs and even I don’t know where that will lead!

I suppose there is the alternative technology thing as well.

The book is a cross genre masterpiece – the concept itself pure genius! It was like the author knows what I know – geologist, my husband, computer archetech, everything my Dad knows – world war two history, and everything my father-in-law knows – maths and the occult!

I was transfixed by the book, its humour and darkness, the fact that it is written in first person present tense made empathising with the main character an extention of self.

Plus it cheered me – I have been told so many times that you mustn’t write in first person or persent tense and yet here was a book that was bueatiful in its execution and it is both those things!

I will say though that I had nightmares whilst reading it, proper nightmares but that just means the book is vivid and strong in its imagery besides I have written them down and they will be appearing as stories of there own!

Incase you were wondering I think you should all go and buy this book now and read it!!! and I’ll be wibbling more about it later :)

Posted: Sunday, December 27th, 2009 @ 9:59 pm
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