The Punk’s StillSuit

The Punk has a pale pink irridescant still suit which looks like a well fitted catsuit or all in-one. It has ribbing in places and areas for tool attachments etc… It is named after the suits used by the Freman in the Dune books and is basically an environment suit that allows conservation or ejection of body heat and fluids. Fluids and heat can be stored – fluids including urine can be cleansed and drunk by the wearer if they find themself in a situation where this is needed.

Heat is generally used to recharge the various bits of the suit if excess to requirements by the wearer. If not then it is conserved and used to keep them warm. Movement of the body itself charges things up in the suit. The suit also includes a fitted hood which the Punk tends to have removed and languishing in one of her many pouches. She also tends to where large plantform type knee high boots covered in glitter instead of the the wet-shoe type attachment that comes with the suit.

The suit looks stunning especially in the club environment and she feels alot more secure when wearing it having had to run for her life so many times and found herself in many and neferious situations.

In the Punks world (our future history) Dune is considered a classic and almost revered as a holy book – there is even a cult which has had at least one skism.

Posted: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 @ 9:36 am
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