The Need for Writing Space

Writing space can be a big issue for me and I suppose for many others too. My main issue is that I tend to be working from home and have family presenting me with a hundred and one more ‘important’ things to do. This is exasperated by the fact that though my husband supports me he is very busy earning the main money that keeps the roof over our head whilst I am the food (and not always :/) and the treats therefore my stuff by necessity gets put on the side.

Never the less this isn’t the main problem – the main problem is certain older relatives thinkng that writing and art are stupid things and that a proper job is needed. There is therefore a constant stream of interuptions and even acts of what quiet frankly should count as vandalism resulting in destroyed illustrations I have worked hours on!

I have therefore had to create a sort of mental writing space. I have pretended not to be in hidden away in my bedroom and I have hidden in the woods near our house at six in the morning with a note book and camera (the camera is because the deer go there to drink but they seem to only do this if I’ve forgotten the camera!) but this is only tenable for me in summer due to my joint pain being so bad.

Another problem I have found with working at home is that I can maintain the mental writing space against other people intruding but I can not seem to erect a defence against myself – by this I mean if I am at home I can feel the washing pulling at me, the tax returns and the gardening :/

My little girl has just started school so I have sort of formed a block against the house work in that whilst she is at school the time I have is primarilly for writing or art but this leaves me open to the rest of the families bidding.

One solution I have is going out for the day – I will go out in the morning and come back in the afternoon or evening and spend the whole day wondering from one end of Town to the other sitting in coffee shops or parks depending on weather and writing. This works amazingly well but due to back issues I a) tend not to be able to take my laptop with me so everything is writing in long hand which then needs typing up b) it costs money – I have to get to town in the first place when I live in the sticks and then I have to by drinks and things – the library is of course free but isn’t always open and sometimes the vibe just isn’t right – I have to be able to watch people to get the next bit of story etc… and c) my health is so flakey that occassionally I am so tired by the time I get to town I can’t do anything and have to come straight home again to sleep :/ And if I do have a productive day I may have to pay for it the next.

So basically I have decided I need a proper writing space here at home – I have an embryonic plan which I’ll be sharing shortly!

Posted: Friday, February 12th, 2010 @ 10:00 am
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