Pointless Calculations

How long it would take me too write the Punk series? How long for the first half and how long for one book?

These are the sort of things I find myself working out at night instead of sleeping :/

The thing is if I could actually write 2000 words a day it wouldn’t be too bad for one novel but it becomes daunting when I think of the whole series. Each novel is 250, 000 words which at the NaNoWriMo level of out put is 125 days before editing. That would be 4-5 months a book but I can’t currently churn them out like that nor can I do my 10 k a day which I have done in the past on various projects mainly because life or my health keeps getting in the way :(

At the moment I’m not really writing much at all just trying to get through all the research before I get to the next NaNo and find I can’t move forward for lack of knowledge – this was something that was starting to slow me down at the end of NaNo last year :/

But this does make me worry that I will only be able to really concentrate on the writing during things like NaNoWriMo :/ in that case it would take me what 5 yrs for each novel – at that rate I would run out of life for completing the series :/ Of course this is pointless calculations and is really just a procrastination. The length of the book has already changed – in the upward direction :/ and the number of books will probably change (they already have in a down ward direction) and so on and so forth. But I think I still need to be getting my writing levels back up again!

Posted: Sunday, January 31st, 2010 @ 12:18 am
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