Fire Storm

In our near future and the Punks recent past there were a series of incidents that lead to the global corporations gaining power one of these was Project Fire Storm which blantantly was organised and paid for by a conglomerate of mega business.

The technology used in project fire storm was cutting edge and perhapse just a little bit advanced for the human race.

The event itself lay nations in ruin and resulted in a new world order where the corp rules. The idea was to take out all opposition to the gathering, utilisation and wasting of resources for a healthy cash flow. The opposition to such things would be Environmentalists in this case the main vocal group were called the Green Anachists and the Punk was an active member. Ironically the other group to oppose such things tended to be governments and their various enforcement bodies such as the police and army. Hit the other infustractures of society such as the fire departments and over load the hospitals and you get social collapse, doomsday and anachy.

Fire Storm officially is reported as a terrorist action by the evnvironmentalists but as their casulties were so high it seems remarkably unlikely to anyone who actually thinks about things.

With bucy-tubes (nano-tech made from the third polymorph of carbon – the type initially found in meteorites) woven into the fabric of all the uniforms of the police, army, fire department and so on – globally. To make sure that everyone was affected the uniforms full of the nanotech were being issued for upto five years before the event – some think upto ten.

A little corporate logo button associated with designer lable type clothing which due to privatisation would be expected from uniforms. There was a chemical in tubes which on contact with air exploded – the logo button was a reciever which broke the tubes when it recieved the correct signal.

This happened on a global scale whilst the protest was in progress – the protest itself was global, the biosphere was in danger of a rapid collapse – enough to be noticed by the layman. Panic of global air supplies running out due to lack of trees had spread in the global concouseness.

Most of the protesters where injured by the exploding policemen and soliders or the panicked stampede that resulted from it.

The hospitals especially in places like the Uk just could not cope – they were on their last legs anyway – the corporations stepped in and saved the day with untested medical supplies and procedures. Most of these worked better than they thought but one or two had devastating effects – none of this was ever investigated outside of the corporations and most of it was never actually reported.

Many of the families and friends of the service people where hurt in what was termed the cross blast. Policemen often had a couple of uniforms which would have been at home in wardrobes or in the laundary. The Punk herself was caught as her partners uniform exploded in the washing machine. She was not at the protest as he would have lost his job if she was thought to still be active within the environmental group. The police had to be very careful due to the state they were in after the Actimen Cull which had occured only 25 yrs before and had lead to an all out state of pen pushing war with the global businesses.

She had been working as a scientist but companies kept getting around the important things and she had lost heart – activism seemed a good alternative but ultamatly that too failed.

Injured and in the hospital but recovering fast she got to see all the injured pouring into the ill equiped hospitals. Recovering she did some investigation as she had to bury her partner. The whole thing stunk to high heaven but part of it desturbed her more than anything and that was that different factions who would never work together had apparently done so without realising it. There was the taste of consiracy theory in the air and she was as always right.

The ancient race that had made her had its own terrorists and they spent much time trying to get humans to whip themselves out. Project Fire Storm was helped along by the appearance of certain tech that involved optronics and techniques more specific to glass making than what we would concider technical.

Having uncovered the larger trueth and almost getting herself killed Alicia a.k.a. the Punk finds she has to change her identity sooner than she had been planing.

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2 Responses to “Fire Storm”

  1. Jonathan Slaton Says:

    I really like this scrip idea. I would add my own twist – many of the environmental groups were attempting to control mankind for their own purposes – so the fight between Corp. and Green was Evil VS Evil – leaving someone who was really trying to do good with no where to go.

  2. admin Says:

    One of the environmental groups is indeed evil and in the over all story arch of the Punk is part of the conspiracy to destroy mankind. But mainly the groups are misguided normal people and not so misguided because things have got into a state where people can no longer ignore the pollution etc… But it gets rid of anyone who might cause problems by saying ‘hang on a minute I don’t think this is the right thing to be doing’.

    Thanks for the comment and I think the idea of having the Evil vs Evil thing is cool – may have to work that into another story :)

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