Comic Book verses Graphic Novel

I have very specific ideas of what a comic is and what a graphic novel is – however these are my interpretations and there are many if not most that would break these rules. Never the less they are what creates the boundaries I want to work within.

Comic books to me involve pages split up into panels where the story is acted out in pictures with a few words here and there, speech in bubbles and the like. Graphic novels on the other hand have on or two sides of writing to one large and often less cartoony type of drawing/painting. Often with diagram type pictures acting as boarders or back drops.

I don’t care what size the book is or weather it is hard or soft cover or a magizine type construction it is the size of the pictures to page ratio and weather there is writing within that picture denoting the story.

Of course many books may incorporate both styles – I would tend to put these more at the comic book end ie comic style with one or two full page spread pictures showing scenes in mass detail.

I do want to cover both types book within my Punk project but for ScriptFrenzy I am sticking to the comic book form as I feel it will serve the fast pace easier.

Posted: Thursday, March 25th, 2010 @ 11:17 pm
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