Mysterious Cities of Gold

As a child there was a TV anime series that I was obsessed with (ok well there were a couple but this was one of the main ones!) it was called The Mysterious Cities of Gold or for brevities sake MCofG.

The animation is a style I like sort of somehow European with just a hint of manga :)

And the story line? Well it had me spell bound, involving two ancient civalizations that wiped each other out using nuclear weapons basically. It is a major source of things I have put in the mix for the Punk – the whole idea of ocean empires and old tech hidden in achaeology etc…

I have decided to go through the series with a fine tooth comb as it were and mine it properlly for plot details I can nick :) One of the cool things is that I know have it on DVD all 6 discs of it and there are documentaries with it that weren’t shown on TV when I was a kid!

I’m going to work my way through these and consolidate some ideas :)

Posted: Friday, January 29th, 2010 @ 12:05 am
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