Elizabeth R – The Lion’s Cub

This had the feel of a TV film with muted colours and long periods of silence whilst a small cast rattled around the set. The outfits were stunning however!

I had already read abit about the fact that Elizabeth had been assulted by her step Father (Jane Symores brother and husband to Cathreen Par) but this was the premiss of the whole film pretty much – starting with Symores attempt to kidnapped the sick and ailing boy king he believed he was rescuing.

He ends up loosing his head whilst due to being pre-warned Elizabeth kept hers. There were flash backs to the ‘affair’ with the older man and even the icident where her step mother held her still whilst he cut her dress off. This perfect material for my novel – it fits right in – they may have been arguing over the Punks sex etc…

The second bit of the film involves Mary coming to the thrown and Elizabeth’s time in the Tower and how the Spanish King who proposed to her was indeed Mary’s husband! Again this just fleshes out Tudor England for me abit more which will make the writing so much easier! There were lots of plots in Elizabeths name and the way she kept alive is probably worth a novel in itself!

Posted: Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 @ 1:50 pm
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