Henry VIII

This was actually a TV serial so had the slight roughness I associate with the cinamotography compared to film-film. It had the odd effect of making me associate King Henry with my Grandfather who was to be quiet frank you classic East End type and a boxer to boot (plus he had the whole multiple partner thing going on and couldn’t understand why his wife/my grandmother could possibly object). To be quiet honest I hated this Henry as he became more erratic the older he got. I think however this is probably a closer depiction of the man than a lot of the others.

Of course the was Helena Bonham Carter as Boleyn.

Mainly I wanted to pour acid down the mans throat at the end of it all reguardless of the fact he seemed to be regretting it all! Sean Bean got killed rather grusomly too! Showing the King to be a two face laying son of a female dog.

It hasn’t really given me much more information of the Tudor period but it gave me a dangerous gritty feel to court which is the sort of thing I think will sit well with the Punks story!

Posted: Sunday, February 21st, 2010 @ 2:10 pm
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