Ok… erm… really?

Well I have been doing alot of reading up on comic books and graphic novels – firstly what do they mean the target audience is male between 18-30? Most of the comic book consumers I know are female :/ Even the publishing side of things seems to assume you are male :/

I know there are target audiences/demographics and I’m aware that if you are trying to be ‘commercial’ you go for these but this is quiet frankly CRAP business sense – you’re going for a flooded market – your trying to sell something that is a commodity – something that is churned out by the bucket load by well established giants like Marvel. Well if that’s what your aiming for good luck – but that is not what I am aiming for.

I am writing the Punk novel and now the comic parts of it for people well… like me. I suppose that would be geeky, action loving erm… girls? Though I hope guys will like it as well. Also I’m 29 I am almost out of the comic book demographic (if I were male) but do people really loose interest in comics magically when they hit 30?

My husband seems to have read more Graphic Novels in this his 30th year than I have ever seen in the past (mainly as I inherited a load and finially got round to unpacking them and putting them on a shelf!). Maybe people were embarrassed to be seen at 50 walking into a comic book shop, maybe the fact they tend to be hidden away meant that people like me didn’t want to wonder they by ourselves even in full daylight but things have changed – there is this thing called the INTERNET and lo!

You can order things and have them posted nice and neat without being caught by your boss buying a copy of Buffy when your a 45 year old project manager. My local even does this delivery malarky.

So dangerous as it seems I’m going to ignore the demographic thing and go for the sort of thing I want to see – who knows maybe this is a new untapped though to be fair probably niche market.

Posted: Sunday, April 4th, 2010 @ 1:13 pm
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