Where to begin

I have been pondering where to actually start the story for the comic book – I could push it further and further back say to the rise of the ‘Elves’ civilization or to it fall but I think that at this stage I do still want to keep the Punk central to the proceedings. So do I start with her in a tank of ambiotic fluid?

I think not actually – I think I want to start with her going about her normal say as a hybrid in the land of the Elves being the minority and the things that entails but with the intrigue of something more. Her not knowing that she was made etc… I am also wondering weather to bring in the computer architect at this point – he is someone I have been toying with in my head – should he somehow still be alive? Should he have ever actually met the Punk etc…

I need to think carefully about the pacing of the piece though which will establish exactly how it starts!

Posted: Monday, April 5th, 2010 @ 1:25 pm
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