Revolations – Story Line

The Punk is physically 12 and living with a foster family in Babel, her best friend Jesu hangs around waiting for her – they head off into Babel itself and look at the Tower which is almost completed. It is a comms tower and so much more – housing the core of their super computer system. Myth has it that the Dead live there.

The children explore and get chased by the guards. They attempt to hide with the slaves building the Tower but are apprehended. It turns out the Archetect is a friend of the Punks dad – they appear as alien/grey type creatures so different from the Punk/Jesu and the slaves but then it is revealed that their parents are the same ‘elf’ type creatures.

The Arcetect tells their parents off for letting hybrids out on their own. This is something that neither Jesu nor the Punk know about and they are puzzeling over why they look like the very short lived slaves rather than like their perants.

They realise that they are different as they have had many parent sets as the ‘elves’ live shorter lives than them – the slaves even less. They escape being grounded and go exploring the lab complex, there they find some intreging creatures and finially a room full of ‘placenta trees’ withe babies growing in sets of seven. Horrified and intrigued they explore furthur and are of course cuaght.

The story of how they came to be comes out – her and Jesu are ‘pod’ siblings and the only survivors of the Exodus from the Sea Empires of their group – they were premeature having been ripped from their placenta trees – all the ones growing are from their DNA. Horrified they vow to run away and make plans.

This means that when the terrorist attack happens which topples Babel they have supplies ready. And in the panic and confuse are picked up by the Archetect. They head out into the desert as Babel burns.

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