Perfectionism and Feeling Over Whelmed

The Punk is such a large story and there are starting to be so many things that could be little side spin offs that I am starting to feel scared of even attempting it :/

The comics are something that has cuased me to assess what I want from The Punk – I want the comics art to be better than alot of what I see in comic books but though I can produce that sort of quality I am not consistant meaning that it could take me a very long time to produce the pictures if at all.

This is where I need to swallow my previous words – I suddenly see the value of a script – I can invision each panel and from the story board construct a script so that if I don’t get round to doing the art work and somehow manage to find lots of money I can have someone else draw the pictures – not sure how I would be to work for – I have an idea of how it;s supposed to look locked in my head and as I struggle to reproduce that when I try I can’t see anyone else being able to get it from words. However they would be able to get something and we would have a kick arse comic and I hoep I would be happy with that!

What I don’t really want is for this project to side track me from writing the actual novel!

I suppose I’d best get back to the drawing board (literally).

Posted: Saturday, April 10th, 2010 @ 9:35 pm
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