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I was considering what sort of story I should go with for this years Nanowrimo – bizarly it never occured to me to write a none fiction novel though I note that is what some people are doing.

I considered children’s stories but realised the only ones I wanted to write are all sort story serials which I didn’t think really fitted with the concept of writing a novel. Next I considered bringing one of my already started stories to the challenge but felt this was a no go as I want to get back into my writing curve and as those novels are looking at me snarling as it is I thought it wouldn’t be productive plus I think I’d regret which ever one I was working on becuase there are all the others. No I decided it should be something new, and a specific challenge to get me back in the swing of things.

Then off course I felt guilty about all those half finished project – fortunatly I went and read the conditions for Nanowrimo and it says NO to the half done novels meaning… yay! I get a fresh start and don’t have to feel guilty :)

So then I pondered – should I write the second novel of my empowerment literature (or as I perfer to term it chick lit for Geeks). This would be The Gutarist’s Girl but I feel I need to have typed up and sorted the Dr’s Wife first (This is a 80, 000 approx story that I hope will be a novel one day however it is writen over half a doesn’t LARGE notebooks in longhand).

So do I go with the theme I wanted to do for last years Nanowrimo? The Apocolyptica? No I decided it needs a lot of research and is already constrained to a set pattern.

And then I dozed off and an image formed – and then it was a title:

A/The Punk in Pink

I haven’t decided on the A verses The as they do give a slightly different feel to what the character would be like, dominant verses shy etc…

But at the moment this is all I have – I think the protagonist will probably be female but that is still open to debate. I have no idea which age group to base it at either.

So this means that I have a title but that is it and from this I am going to try and structure an entire novel – suggestions are therefore highly sort after!


p.s. just bung them in the comment field :)

Posted: Saturday, September 19th, 2009 @ 9:20 am
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