NaNo Set Backs

I have been fighting a few things this year to find mental room and child free time to write.

Firstly there has been my own medical issues – the immobility from my pregnancy is getting worse and pain levels are frankly through the roof. I have had to miss write ins I could have made because I’ve had to be seen suddenly for more bloods and things to be taken. My husband had a lump removed from his head which has turned out to be nothing serious but the wound did get infected!

My mother had another breast cancer scare which involved biopsies and the like and as she was staying with us when this sparked off things got unpleasant. The lump has come back clear but as she has already had breast cancer twice we just can’t take any chances!

Editing whilst writing has turned out to be alot harder than I had anticipated as I keep getting story threads and even characters confused! My little girl got Nano-jellousy which I have had to find ways around!

A rabbit eat through what turned out to be the only power cable to my laptop and a new one is £40 which is out of my budget! Fortunatly hubby did a safe but ugly temp. fix on it and a friend has said we can have his old one and the laptop to go with it! This is a releif as the space bar stopped working just to add insult to injury!

Then off course there is actually the issue of getting a car! This is great as it means I can actually get to the write ins if my husband is about to drive me but at the same time – after 9 odd months without a car we have been going out too much – I had a prize giving to go to for my poetry which made more tired than I was expecting and the school has had multiple events I have had to attend which though enjoyable have all had the same effect off wiping me out!

I’ve had one day of hands going into spasm so writing was a complete no no but it calmed down relatively quickly!

I am calling these things set backs but I still managed to finish well before the end and everyone is actually all right!

Posted: Thursday, November 25th, 2010 @ 7:39 pm
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