A Dip In Production

I know you were probably expecting some chapter 11 today and it is there waiting to go live but I just have more random thoughts and things about this years nano experience. Basically I didn’t really have an issue with reaching the word count but once I was there I found writing motivation hard :(

I’ve been rattling off a few hundred words here and a few hundred there – it has become more of a chore as I now am not really sure where this ‘novel’ as apposed to the series is going, were I should end it and indeed how I’m going to get the protagonist out of the fixes she’s found herself in (in a believable way!). I have also steam rollered myself with the ol’ research issue. I am still working my way through the books I’ve picked up about Elizabeth and Tudor England and realising that it did heavily effect things I have been looking a little bit at Joan of Arc and found I have made some glaring errors – I am therefore trying to resist the urg to go ad rewrite certain bits of the story but at the some time I do need to make sure that the story will still fit when I do change them :/

I’m feeling that my spelling and stuff is worse than last year – I think this is a pregnancy thing to be honest – I’m in general making more mistakes with everything. Ironically the reduction in my mobility is now causing me to not want to write as I day dream of running about or tidying the house :/

I’m really hoping that I continue writing in December and stuff – I do know a hell of a lot more about the area in history and my story in general than I did last year. So I hope to hash it out until I at least have this novel finished – it really looked like it’s going to be a big novel though :/ I am feeling rather overwhelmed by it.

Posted: Sunday, November 28th, 2010 @ 12:10 pm
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