Script Frenzy

And so it is April and April means ScriptFrenzy or Screnzy and I am re-attempting last years project of a Punk graphic novel. I was planning on being a bit more organised for it it this year but having the baby has thrown things a bit of course.

The initial idea had been to do Project FireStrom but i realised that I wanted to cover the Punk’s life so decided to start with the Fall of the Tower of Babel. This also has the added advantage of giving me proper background for the novels which start in the middle of the action.

Last year I started story boarding the graphic novel and didn’t get much further than the first ‘comic’ (my idea was to have 20 page comics which could be stand alone or make up 100 page graphic novels/comic books).

This year I have not done as much prep work as I would have liked so am going to still have to work out things like storyline etc…

Well wish me luck and hopefully some of you guys will be joining in the challenge too :)

Posted: Friday, April 1st, 2011 @ 1:03 pm
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