Finding the Note Books

This years NaNo is based in the Punk’s Universe (as they all have been!) and the initial idea for it occured on a long drive to Bristol but was a construct from a dream I had had. Then I had another dream about six weeks ago and it fitted perfectly though based a few more decades in front of the first story line.

I wrote both ideas out with plot twists and characters and the physics and engineering behind it all. And due to tidying the attic in prep for writing nano up there… I can’t find the note books :(

I can remember a lot of it but not all and it is just really infuriating – also I have misplaced the note book where I drew the big extended time lines for the Punk’s Universe. It is so big and complex now that this was an essential move to try and reduce continuity errors and to just keep the plot making sense!

So yeah brilliant start to nano but on the other hand I have managed to get 1000 words written before bedtime and that was with homework and stuff to do as well!

Posted: Friday, November 1st, 2013 @ 10:34 pm
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