Comic Book Scripting – Here I Come

Tomorrow Screnzy or Script Frenzy starts and I am planning out what I will be doing – the plan is to spend 30 hours working on my comic book projects. One part of this is the actual scripting of my next comic book and the rest is going to involve me working on the illustrations etc… for the first part of Revoltions (my first and second Screnzys back in 2011 and 10).

I have been working here and there on the art work, costume design and general look of the comic already but am going to give it that extra push over the coming month.

I have decided to script the next part of The Oricle Series – number 2) Navel Gazing which is about how Jess sets up the cult of seers at Delphi in Greece. He is the historical/mythical figure of Apollo and creates the wet-ware bio-computers from my 2012 GothNo and NaNo novel trilogy.

Posted: Thursday, March 13th, 2014 @ 8:25 am
Categories: Graphic Novel.
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