Drawing Heads with Construction Lines

Yesterday I sat and drew pencil sketches with construction lines – female manga heads and worked on the design for the first part of Revolations – Bamboozled. The comic book and my last assignment for college mean I need to remember how to draw and illustrate. So I am steadily working my way through my how to draw books. I think there is a marked improvement from the line drawings I did earlier in the week.

sketches of female manga heads Drawing manga heads

People interested in the design and/or creative process, I am using the Complete Book of Drawing Manga at the moment but have a stack of other drawing books. I don’t want the Punk comics to be Manga but nor do I want them to be ‘Marvel’ style. I have books about different drawing methods so hope I can come up with some cross over style I like.

The drawings are still pretty dreadful but the improvement gives me hope.

Posted: Monday, March 24th, 2014 @ 9:14 am
Categories: Graphic Novel.
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