Feeling Daunted and Expectations

Tomorrow is the beginning of Screnzy when once again I will be scribbling away to create my comic books based in the Universe of The Punk. The Universe has now become so big and bulky and exciting and intricate that I often feel daunted by it.

There are novels, short stories and flash fictions set in the world, followed by Graphic Novels. The graphic novels themselves are a huge list of projects for me to work my way through. There is now a time line for events in the universe and it spans from millenia in our past to millenia in our future. It is not in the Billions though which probably has some of you sighing with relief.

So far just for the Graphic Novels there is:

1) The Tower Series

2) The Oricle Series

3) The Shark Wars

4) The Celestial Spheres

Each is then broken down to 5 ‘graphic novels’ – so The Tower Series is:

1) The Rise of Babbel

2) The Fall of Babbel

3) The Memory of Babbel

4) The Search for Babbel

5) Babbels Legacy

The structure has changed over the writings and will no doubt do so again :)

Revolations is the first 100 page ‘comic book’ of The Rise of Babbel.

There are ten of them, each 100 pages long – this is one of the reasons I feel duanted, I’m not sure my life timewill be long enough to write and ilustrate this lot – if I had money I would employ an illustrator but I don’t so I wont and will muddle through myself. Besides I know some people only want copies that I’ve illustrated.

On the other hand I am really excited about all of this and can’t wait to get to a fresh script/story board tomorrow!

Posted: Monday, March 31st, 2014 @ 9:58 am
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