How To Still Write

A bit of a spanner has been thrown into the works :(

I had a head injury last year and have been struggling with various things – went to a specalist at the hospital and they have said I am doing to much and need more rest etc.. to help my brain recover.

It’s sustained concentration that is a big issue especially where words and things are concerned. This means I’ve had to step down the pace on nano/gothno as I’m just crashing – however I am not giving up.

a) I can pace and do just a little bit at a time – I dislike writing fragmented but I can do it – it just mucks up the flow slightly for me

b) I can dictate like I did last year when I couldn’t write still from the head injury – issues with that are that I can’t be bothered to speak the punctuation as it breaks my train of thought and there are pronounciation errors and the made up names are right out. So basically it is an editing nightmare but hopefully it will be less of an editing nightmare than last years when I was still having slurred speech issues!

So I am now organising myself so that I will be ready with this new system in time for Nano proper.

Posted: Friday, October 21st, 2016 @ 10:11 am
Categories: Waffle.
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