An Elf

Well The Punk in Pink is an elf-human half bred, the elves in question are another higher primate. Sort of like Cro-Mangon Man and Neandethals. They are close enough to cross bred but not close enough to produce viable offspring. This means the Punk is infertile but as the second homo-sapien type race ages alot slower than humans do it may not be that much of a disadvantage.

Obviously she was Queen Elizabeth – in fact The Punk in Pink was the Bisley boy who stood in for princess Elizabeth and then became Queen. I have also decided she is Joan of arc which leads to an interesting plot issue of how she gets out of being burned and dying of old age etc… I do not want her to be ‘immortal’ like in the Highlander movies or to have regeneration skills that have a similar affect – she needs to fear for her life!

She simple ages alot slower than humans do.

The Elves she is part off would also age at this slow rate and are probably the origin of many myth and legends not least of which is the idea that they were the origin of the ancient gods – we are talking everything here from Egypt, Greece, Summer and India. I am also pondering what sort of technology they should have achieved and exactly how fast they age.

I need to do some research into early human existance – fortunatly I did work in this field for a while even if I was only looking at bats teeth!

The questions I am asking myself are – how far back can I have a homo species exist?

Are normal humans a natural sister group to the elves or are we the result of their technology?

How does their appearance and physical aspects differ from our own?

How many of their generations do I want to have passed and how much do I want The Punk to be involved in history?

Are they going to have internal factions and is it relivant to my story?

Again help is much appreciated.

Posted: Friday, October 2nd, 2009 @ 9:34 am
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