Chapter Ten – but almost there!

‘You boyfriend is doing well though, the Corp have a rather high credit rating for him, he will be fine it just might take some time and off course they will own him even more.’ the receptionist said in what was an obviously a “there now it’s not all that bad” voice. The Punk wanted to smash the stupid bimbettes face in, but sagged further the girl was actually trying to help her – un like the Dr.

Her insinct told her to cut the barstard down with some of his own medi-tech but that was one way to expose herslef and get her either dead, cuaght or having to hide some where far away and then there was Snake himself. Weather she liked it or not he needed the murdering git. The anger and frustration where capping the tears Bodge hadn’t been exactly close to her, but he was part her band, her pose damit!

‘Can I see Snake?’ she asked in a dead voice.

‘Yes of course, he’s in treatment room three’ the receptionist said with a sympathetic smile that the Punk ignored. She headed into the labrynth of sterile rooms, somewhere in here Bodge would be laid out his body going cold, she wondered if anything had been in a state for harvesting? Even with Stem Cell tech some people prefered organs from dead people. The Punk had seen the origin of transplants and found it so strange but it was almost a religon with some people. She reached the treatment room, it didn’t have a door as such, it had a curtain made of plastic wipe clean strips, there was however the grooves that told her the room could be hermetically sealed and fast is need be. Parania over plague was high. To be fair if something nasty did turn up it could wipe out a resort or Farm island before medi-help could be found. But the sickening thing was that as far as the Punk could see the only examples of these had been ill-disguised attacks either plan piracy or politcal. Yeah some things never changed, she thought.

Snake lay on a bed with the pale blue waffle blanket tucked round him, there was bruising around his eyes and medi gel on his head wound but apart from that he appeared to be sleeping peacefully. His chest was rising and falling in a natural way, the asymetry was gone. She wrapped her long fingers around his, hers where a nice flesh colour his where a waxy yellow and slightly blotchy, they felt so cold. There where also longer and thinner than her fingers with bigger knuckles but they seemed smaller and fragile.

He should have awoken from the op surely?

How the hell was she going to explain to Snake that Bodge was dead? The two of them had been kicking around together for a lot longer than she had been on the scene. The guilt churned over her meso soup once more. It was possible that the attack was targetting Snake but then they had tracked her down so many times before – generally just when she started to think that she had lost them for good. Of course having Snake as the target wouldn’t make that much difference to their survival she supposed. Snake was a survivior, he had to be. She thought of all those people she’d known who hadn’t been and shook with supressed tears.

She wasn’t sure how long she sat there in the stark harsh glow of the blue LEDs. They still hadn’t gotten around to using organic LED’s even though she had worked out a way of manufacture a century ago. The orbitals had quashed the need, but they didn’t leave heavey metal waste like those lighting the hospital room. The lighting hightened the bruising around Snakes eyes, he was sleeping piecefully in a death mask.

The Dr came in, she automatically squeezed Snakes hand, hard enough to have had him whimpering normally and struggling to get away. He murmured in the strange sleep. ‘Ah, I see you have been told about you friend.’ he said in a very Dr like way. She glared at him, imagining kicking him in the head. ‘His brain scan was sub-optimal’ he said shrugging with a greasy grin, he knew he’d won, there was no recourse for her. There rarely was with people like him.

‘What about Snake?’ she asked taught through her barely supressed anger.

‘He is doing fine, he has had quiet abit of work done on his systems so he is in shock, his systems have shut down into a protective coma. This is the main issue we have with modern medicine – how to get people to wake up again. His brain scan is fine.’ The Punk’ eyes darted back to Snake.

‘Sleeping bueaty,’ she whispered.

The dr laughed harshly. ‘I would say beuaty and the best. Though bueaty needs some taming I’d say.’ She looked at the tanned man, his skin had an orange cast too it that spoke of the fake. White clipped teeth, he hadn’t taken a step forward, she was suprised for some reason she had expected him to have closed the gap between them. She mentally shook herself. Not ever guy was after either killing her or getting into her pants!

‘I know you want believe this but I have actually taken and I uphold the hypocratic oath. Your friends mental processes where fried. Maybe in a decade or so we will the ability to copy the brain in completeness but not now. I am sorry.’ His eyes were intent on her, they where too green. She felt lost, something was occuring to her, about how she was linking to the computers but… she refused to catch hold of the thread – it would lead to the memories of the fire, the first fire, she wasn’t sure she really wanted that.

‘I took a brain scan of you, a whole body scan infact,’ he said quietly, her attention snapped back, his eyes where intent. ‘I think you are something more than you have let on. You don’t have the implants you said you had, there is just one. Only one implant.’ he said.

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