Chapter Ten End

This time he had taken a step forward. The Punk felt herself coiling for a jump, she could escape if the guy tried to catch her for biopsy but could she do it without turning over all the medi-tech around Snake? Her eyes where darting everywhere looking for a way out, ‘I didn’t have a chance to look at them first of all but I have now, you are amazing, bueatiful, you are a feet of engineering!’ The Punk stared at the Doctor.

‘Engineering?’ she said startled, she had assumed he’d noticed her absence of implants.

‘Yes my dear you are not human as such,’ he said quirking his eyebrows, well that much she had known. ‘I took bloods and tissue samples too, now I don’t want to cut you up but I do want to study you.’ She went to leap, they would say that and then she would end up on the autopsy table being declaired an alien. He caught her in a vice like grip.

‘Cyber netics! My dear, is a speciality of mine and I don’t just preach… now I suggest you sit down and I will make you a proposition, if you run lover boy there will be joining your friendy in the Great Beyond reguardless of what the Corp want.’ His teeth flashed too white – why hadn’t she seen what was right in front of her face. He was too perfect. And the orange tan was covering the synth skin that covered his head. It must be new improved stuff from what Lennon had. She sat down her mind whiring, she could out manuvour humans but a human that was part robot? That was something new.

‘I’m interested in your implant,’ he said smiling generously.

‘Implant?’ she said puzzeled but the trickle of suspiscion was there again in mind.

‘Now I conceed that you may not know about your special abilities but you must realise you have an implant – other wise you wouldn’t have lied about your physiological responses.’ He said, glaring slightly.

‘I don’t know where I come from or about implants in me I just know I’m… different.’ she said. What the hell was she going to do?

‘Ah yes I thought there might be something like that – now I am going to study you, by force or not’ he grabbed her arm and called out, the nurse who had been so nice too her, smiled apologetically as he handed the mad cyborge a syringe of cloudy fluid. He injected it into her arm. It was ice fire spreading out from the injection site – she swore.

‘Language young lady! Now you are full of a small fortune of nanobots and they are my nanobots. I can track you and monitor you’re vitals and a whole lot more. If you run I’ll know of it!’ The Punk ground her teeth in frustration, she didn’t know of a way to get rid of nano tech like this, she was screwed if she needed to leave the island. ‘I see you know what this means, and now nurse, give the boy the restorative.’ The nurse flushed under her glare, his bueatiful face no longer looked angelic to her. He injected Snake who begain stiring. ‘There you go – your boyfriend back now you can not bolt with him. I expect you here for check ups once a week. He will have to stay in for a bit more rehabilitation, oh and he is also full of my nanobots, just incase.’ He smiled malicously, ‘if you two run even if you hide him I can find him. Now I have work to do excuess me.’ He turned his back on her. She sat there stunned.

‘I’m sorry,’ the nurse said a bit too jovially, ‘but he does own the patent on my heart you see?’ she did and she didn’t. She still glared. ‘I’ll… I’ll get you both some food.’ he said the smile faltering.

Snakes eyes fluttered open, ‘PUNK!’ he cried in anguish.

‘Hush, hush I’m here Snake,’ she murmured comfatingly. She stroked his forehead, it was slicked with cold sweat, his eyes looked around him wildly.

‘I feel wrong, breathing is wrong!’ he creid and started to breath erratically.

‘Calm down, you have a new lung and a diamond rib or three that is all.’

He laughed a touch hysterical, ‘thats all thats all!’ he said but seemed to calm down. His grey eyes looked into hers the pupil size told her he wasn’t with the world properlly yet, ‘I love you, I love you, I didn’t say and…’ he begain muttering incomprehensibly.

The Punk closed her eyes, a tear escaped and run down her cheek landing on his. ‘I love you’ he said again, flayling for her hand. She held it, but could not utter the words back to him reguardless of the fact they were true. It was what had just trapped her and possibly signed his death warrent reguardless of who the assasins where actually after.

The Nurse bought their meals, squeezed her shoulder reassuringly and then left when she glared at him some more. Snakes bed re-adjusted itself to accomodate a sitting position and she helped him eat. He was becoming more coherent, she smiled sadly at him, his blue hair was a mess, thin and greasy and all matted. She brushed it out for him. ‘I need a shower,’ he said apologetically.

‘I don’t think you can until the medi-gel comes off unless the stuff is better than the prototype I used’ she said and then realised she may have just made an error, she had lost track of time and didn’t know how long the stuff had actually been about. Fortunatly Snake didn’t seem to notice and just nodded in resignation.

‘I can’t seem very attractive right now.’ he said with an exagerated sad face, but the joking was to cover the fact that he feared she would regect him, a blush told her he was remembering what he’d said on waking up. She kissed his forehead and sat with him till he slept.

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