50K Been and Gone

I reached the 50 K mark somewhere whilst the month was in it’s teens :/ And I didn’t notice!

I am really hopeful that I will be able to make my own personal word goal and that maybe sometime soon the first Punk novel will actually be finished! Of course the size of the series as a whole is increasing! And I now see I really need to re-write/draft it all before editing starts as I have been learning alot of Tudor History and deciding things like the Punks physical attributes as I have been going. There are cases of peoples eyes changing colour and not due to special powers or contact lenses!

I am a bit sad I didn’t notice the goal sneaking up and going :/ and I have since been struggling – I know lots of stuff has been happening but at the same time I’m also not doing say a job at the moment so it feels like I should have achieved alot more :/

I am hoping that I can get my motivation back and that I can do a FiNoMo (Finish Novel Month) in the run up too Christmas but as I want to make sure my other novel is as polished as possible for submission before the 31st I’m not sure that is going to happen – plus Christmas is always hectic!

Posted: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 @ 7:28 pm
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