July 2017 Camp NaNo

Yep, I’m at it again – Camp NaNoWriMo is a month long writing drive that is a spin off of the main National Novel Writing Month. With camp you tend to choose your own word goals and things.

I did the April one where I started working on Tides – which is my main focus of all the nano stuff this year. As always it is based in the Punks Universe and this particular one actually does contain Punku who is the main character. However, I always have a second project and this month that happens to be sorting out my first ever Nano novel – The Punk In Pink.

The Punk In Pink was the reason this blog was actually set up and I have tried to document the creation process, initially I was pouring out the naked as I write stuff on here but it became apparent that the universe was so big and complex that storyline shifts might have to be made. I have still tried to add notes and creative how too, and things like biogs of characters.

Anyway – what I am actually up to is revisiting that first novel and trying to make it ready for the 2019 roll out!

First thing this involves is splitting the story – it had been one chapter in the future and one in the past but it is just too long for that to work and I think it is a good structure to write the series in as it helps concrete the time line. It is not however a good way to read the story so I’ve extracted the Tudor period chapters. And it is those that I am going to publish first as a) it is the most complete of my story arcs that actually contain Punku and b) it is were I started this adventure.

This does leave me with a title issue – the pink bit of the title refers to Punku’s environment suit that she wears in the future – so it is no good for the Tudor stuff. All of the stories with Punku as the focus of the story are Punk In Something and the Tudor era is renowned for it’s brocade so I have gone for The Punk in Brocade rather than a colour.

Also there is some reworking needed as without the futuristic chapters I need to lay some more ground work to show that she is long lived and obviously from a high technology background. I’ve also need to write a second prologue as again the prologue really belongs to the chapters set in the future – these will remain as The Punk In Pink.

Having said all of this I’d better get going with that actual writing marlarky had I not!

Posted: Saturday, July 1st, 2017 @ 6:53 pm
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