Starting Stories

June contains National Flash Fiction Day here in the Uk and so I am kind of writing flash fiction this month – kind of… well actually no what I am doing is taking the story starters booklet I made of the first 100 story starters I posted on Magenta Monster and writing from them. I plan to write at least a page from each starter but making each story be based in the Punk’s Universe. Some of the stories will naturally come out as Flash Fictions (under 1000 words) and some will be short stories, other novel extracts from pieces that are already in progress and yet others may well be ideas for new novels.

This is part of how I world build and pin down the timelines and who’s doing what and when. It helps me work out how the technologies and biologies all work and the internals of the societies etc…

Feel free to use the story starters yourself! They are great for getting you writing again if you’ve been struggling and sometimes I find doing little short bits like this helps sort my brain out ready for the bigger projects 🙂

Posted: Monday, June 5th, 2017 @ 8:11 pm
Categories: Inspiration, World Building.
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