New Year… er same old story?

Another year has passed and I still don’t really have anything finished for The Punk’s Universe other than a few flash fictions and short stories (to be fair there is actually quiet a lot of these which can be read on Magenta Monster under the category The Punk’s World). In 2019 I will have been writing these stories for a decade – well that was one beginning – another was when I was in year 8 at school – I think I’d already turned 13 but maybe not as I remember dictating bits of it to my dad who wrote it down because I was too slow/dyslexic to manage that myself and the ideas were brimming over.

So it’s been a long time in the fermentation and I know I say it every year but I do really want to get a move on and get some of this out there properly 🙂

However I am also not going to rush things! In fact what I am going to do is use the ten year anniversary of my first National Novel Writing Month as the deadline and the wait date.

I have some plans but they are still in the formative stages at the moment 🙂

So here’s to a happy writing year 🙂

Posted: Sunday, January 1st, 2017 @ 9:06 pm
Categories: Waffle.
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