Week One of GothNoWriMo 2017

I broke the 10 k barrier – I wrote over 10, 000 words but I will have less time towards the end of the month and hammered most of the words out whilst being too sick to get out of bed for any length of time!

I have no idea how many words I will manage in the coming week but will keep plugging away – I am trying to devote the first part of the morning to writing. The idea is that I can whack out 1000 words and that will be the minimum for the day, I then get on with other things until the evening when depending on what is happening might allow me to do some more writing.

Since my head injury writing is hard but this year is so much better than the last two years (the year of the actual head bang I pretty much dictated everything).

I’m not really writing the story I’d planned to write – instead I thought I’d finish off some of the flash and short fictions I have languishing. In going through my archive and deciding what to work on I came across a story idea and just decided to roll with it 🙂

It is called The Pods and is based in the near to medium future of the Punk’s Universe – it is after the Zombie Apocalypse and nuclear strikes but before the Geowars.

Posted: Monday, October 9th, 2017 @ 8:48 am
Categories: Waffle.
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