GothNoWriMo 2018

As a warm up to the National Novel Writing Month – known affectionally as NaNo I shall be doing another of my little writing traditions – GothNoWriMo. This started out just being horror and gothic fiction but I have co-opted it as a lot of the Punk’s Universe is quiet dark.

And of course the other thing is that I have momentum going on the project I started for this years Camp Nanos – little mini writing challenges that are set through out the year – one in the spring and one in the summer!

So I plan to continue with my Martian stories – I am jumping around in the time line at the moment – so one minute I am in the established colony as they terraform the planet and then we are deep under ground where they have fled to survive and then we are on the surface watching adaptions to a dying planet and then we are back when they first set eyes on the planet for colonisation and then we are in our own near future finding the remnants of all of this that has gone before.

Did I mention I do the spoiler thing?

GothNoWriMo has a flexible word limit between 30-70 k words which should be doable though October is a little insane for me as a month as I am working 3 different festivals all of which run for multiple weeks over lapping each other O.o

Posted: Monday, October 1st, 2018 @ 7:30 am
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