July Camp Nano – 2019

Many things have happened over the last few months including my dad dying in March – I made a vague attempt at Camp Nano in April resulting in about 30, 000 words being written – mainly due to the fact I wasn’t sleeping.

I haven’t written anything that wasn’t basically some sort of press release or to do with projects or on a song writing course – I’ve written no stories or poems and not for lack of ideas – I just didn’t have the heart to start on any of it – mainly because there is no dad to go out writing with over too long coffee breaks or to read work too etc…

But writing is important to me and something that I am starting to need to do again and so that brings me to here – to Camp NaNo – I am currently tired and over worked and that is not really going to slack off – therefore anything I get written will be a bonus.

Posted: Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 @ 5:52 pm
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