Stay At Home NaNo

Back blogged from my diary

NaNoWriMo are kind of doing an extended writing challenge for the duration of lockdown. I am unable to really take part in this but am having the most amazing dreams – starting with the fever dreams and then swooshing into the nasty pain killer variety. There are a tangle of other worldleness and I just feel that there has to be something I can do with all of this raw material.

And at the same time I am feeling somewhat pressurised – there are plenty of means telling me how productive we all need to be during this time – Shakespeare wrote Hamlet for goodness sake. And though I know this is aimed at getting people out of any funks they happen to be in… for me it is frustrating – I am normally boiling over with ideas and writing zest and yet here I am still just trying to breath.

Remember the only have too of quarentine is… Survive.

Posted: Thursday, April 9th, 2020 @ 10:36 pm
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