Camp Nano 2022 – plotting

I am going to be attempting CampNano this year with the hopes that I will do better than last years attempt – as I’ve said in previous posts what has been happening is I sign up and then do a couple of days and then life swallows me – now that might well happen again but I feel I should at least try!

So I am trying and I am planning and plotting and thinking about the exacts – because back in the day like a decade or so ago this particularly virtual writing camp was at Script Frenzy I still tend to think of it in those original terms but with a general writing camp laid on the top. But I might be getting a little a head of myself here… for those who don’t know CampNaNo is a side quest to NaNoWriMo which stands for National Novel Writing Month which is traditionally based in November. The idea is that you write 50, 000 words in one month and I have found it really helpful in the past – there have been online forums and chats and physical meet ups in coffee shops and pubs and theatres and I have friends who generally take part so we have writathons at their houses. Some writing retreats have been based around it and I have run little Creative-Tea after noons which during November have a nano flavour to them – basically there are vats of tea, mocktails, sandwiches, dips and so on and everyone writes away. The side quests are kind of when this happens not in November and they are called CampNaNo as in summer camp as the first ones were in the summer.

Now there are multiple Camps but I keep the April one based on scripts… except being me I never actually wrote a script… instead I wanted an excuse to work on graphic novels and comic books and those are drafted as… “scripts” so that was the sort of script I was aiming for except I can’t even do that right and they tend to be story board type creations scribbled in biro and going the wrong way in the note book – from back to front and they contain a lot of stick people and correction arrows.

With this in mind I am thinking of doing a kind of hybrid camp this April – a story concept that could be written fiction of various lengths, or stand alone comics or picture books or some strange merging with a bit of gaming thrown into the mix.

Its all a bit of a tangled mix in my head at the moment but I have a note pad and a pencil and there will no doubt be many bubble diagrams and spider charts.

Posted: Monday, March 7th, 2022 @ 11:23 am
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