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It keeps being bizarrely warm and sunny here so I have taken to taking my note book and tea outside and trying to do some plotting there! So where have I gotten too? Well I know what theme I am running on and though a lot of it will be set in the Punk’s Universe – not all of it will be – possibly not even the majority.

So far I have a list of titles that I think will work well with the theme and have even started writing intros and story starters to go with it not to mention bullet pointing some actual large story lines. I have even accidentally written some short stories which I am pretty sure we can count as a warm up or possibly world building!

Mostly I am researching old myths and legends that I think will be relevant.

I suppose I should probably say what the theme is! Unlike normally with me it is not some abstract concept or a piece or tech and how that would affect things – not this time it is kind of something else. I am looking at a certain group of myths and legends and thinking about the variations on that and how you further alter the concept to different basic genres like sci fi, fantasy, horror and of course just retelling the core stories in all of their own variations!

Its going to be like taking the markov chain and instead of collapsing it down to one possibility thread to create a story I am collecting those variations – those forks in time and wrapping each in a narrative. It is the sort of chaotic story planning that butterflies and gets messy and may well only result in a couple of short stories… but I hope it will be much more than that.

So what have I picked?

I suppose you could call it Maidens of the Wild – all those tales of the ginger bread cottage or the fairy bound to their willow tree or the sirens of the fresh water or salt water for that matter, the spirits wronged or just other – ice maidens, fox spirits, sacrifices to the bog. The witches and maidens, the hurt and the lost, the guardian and the avenger.

It might seem like a catch all and subjects too diverse to work together but I feel instinctively that there is an underlaying… something there.

Would Wild Women or women of the wilds be better? I still have a lot of thinking and planning and plotting to do!

Posted: Monday, March 14th, 2022 @ 10:15 am
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