Getting Ready

This week I have been trying to get my writing spaces ready and my writing practice nailed – ie actually making time to write when I have the energy and brain cells to actually write. I’ve had a bit of a set back with my garden area to write in as in the green house is not erected nor the concrete base finished for it etc etc… I have developed a sun allergy called Polymophic Light Eruption so just sitting in the garden on nice days ins’t as doable as I would have liked.

The indoor situation is also a little bit in turmoil – currently the kids gaming computer is on my desk and in what should be my office due to everything still being in chaos from making my elderly mother her own room with on suite bathroom rather than her sleeping in the living room. This also means I have lost my library and we have two households worth of toot in one house – admittedly a good sized house but it is still too much stuff!

So there is work to be done of the physical where can I write!

As for the actual planning – I think that is going well and have been attempting to get some writing in each day – before I attempt to do any of the household admin as that stuff can just swallow whole days and I only have a functioning brain for about 3 hrs a day.

Infact these blog posts are part of me getting in the practice and structure to write regularly again.

I have a note pad about 1/3rd full of story ideas and starters and titles and things to research and I have been doing a lot of delving into the world of folklore and listening to music I feel sets the mood of the unseeli court.

Also if anyone wants to be an online buddy for this writing drive due give a shout or DM or something 🙂

Posted: Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 @ 11:49 am
Categories: Waffle.
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