A The Dark Approaches

It is seasons turn here as we enter the darker part of the year and this has always been when I write the most and that is the plan for this year though I shall resist trying to dictate terms to myself as I just need to become me and get writing again and that is the main thing – sod word counts (I reserve the right to get excited about word counts if I manage to get myself actually producing words again).

I have been prepping and though I would like to just start writing I know that there just isn’t really going to be time for that so I am keeping notes and creating out lines ready and in hope that November will provide me with the down time to actually write.

Having said that I do hope to do a few little snippets of atmospheric writing during October to build the mood, these won’t be in a structure and might even be shock poems but what ever it ends up being it will be something and from that I can hopefully grow a full blown project!

Posted: Sunday, October 1st, 2023 @ 7:19 pm
Categories: Waffle.
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